Why Puncture Wounds From a Dog Bite Are So Dangerous

Why Puncture Wounds From a Dog Bite Are So DangerousDue to the length of the dog’s teeth, many dog bite injuries are technically puncture wounds. This means that there is minimal tearing at the surface level, but the injury extends deep into the tissues below the skin. A puncture wound of that nature may be far more painful and dangerous than it looks.

While other types of injuries may be more likely to lead to scarring, puncture wounds are far more problematic. You need to understand this risk so that you know what to do when you’ve suffered a dog bite.


The danger with a puncture wound is that it can become infected more easily than a surface wound. If there are any bacteria in the wound, either from the surface or from the dog’s teeth, they can get trapped in that cavity. Washing the wound may not remove them. It could look like it is healing well at first and then become infected. This can lead to all sorts of complications and may even require emergency medical treatment.

The lack of bleeding from a puncture wound is also misleading. It may seem good — as if the injury isn’t all that bad or is healing quickly. However, bleeding helps to clean a wound and wash out any trapped bacteria. A puncture wound with little bleeding appears less serious, but it is more likely to trap bacteria and become vastly more complicated to heal in the future.


It’s very important to clean a puncture wound and to see a medical professional after a dog bite. If the wound gets infected, that medical treatment is critical. All of this can be expensive, so you should know how to seek compensation for your injuries and losses.

Exactly what options are available to you may depend on many different factors. It’s wisest to seek out an attorney who has experience handling claims involving dog bites to discuss your case as soon as practical.

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