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        For more than 25 years

        We have obtained millions of dollars for our clients, and we will dedicate ourselves to obtaining maximum recovery for you following an accident that should not have happened.

        Contact us today, we can help you.

        For more than 25 years

        We have obtained millions of dollars for our clients, and we will dedicate ourselves to obtaining maximum recovery for you following an accident that should not have happened.

        Contact us today, we can help you.


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        Texas Construction Accident Lawyers

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        Have you suffered a serious injury at a construction site? We’re so sorry that you’ve had to deal with the aftermath of a construction accident and that you are going through all of this pain and suffering. When you have a serious injury because of someone else’s carelessness or negligence, you may be entitled to receive justice. Our Texas construction accident lawyers are here to help you through your case every step of the way. Call us right away to set up your free, initial consultation.

        The Aftermath of Construction Accidents

        There are many ways that your life can change after being involved in a construction accident. Not only is this going to be hard on your body, but it can also be tough for your mental and emotional health. Some people have minor injuries that can heal within weeks but other people end up with lifelong struggles and battles with chronic pain, or they’re dealing with disfigurement or areas of the body that are paralyzed because of their incident. We know how to represent all of these types of cases and fight for the justice in the fullest and fairest possible amount. We understand that this is a life-changing incident for you, and we want to help you through it. 

        Our Texas construction accident lawyers have the knowledge and skill set to help you through your Worker’s Compensation case. Sometimes, when that is not enough, we go through and file a lawsuit to get your compensation for all of your damages in the fullest possible amount. Insurance compensation should be able to cover your damages, but often times it’s not enough, and there can be an option of going through a third-party lawsuit to get you the relief that you deserve. It is something that we will look into when we take on your case and we will make sure that whatever compensation you end up with is going to cover all of your damages and injuries. 

        There are two types of damages that you should be aware of when you are filing a case for financial compensation. The first is called your economic damages, and that is all of your monetary loss because of the construction accident. You might have lost money from missing work or paying medical and emergency room bills. The next type of damage are your non-economic damages, and this is going to cover all the pain and suffering in your life after the construction accident. This helps you get justice for any emotional or mental and physical issues you’ve experience because of the construction accident and any loss and quality of life.

        Who is the Liable Party?

        There are regulations put into place for construction sites that are meant to keep everybody safe from harm. Because this is federally regulated by OSHA and every employer has to follow it, they can get in serious trouble if they do not keep up with the regulations and safety precautions. When people violate these regulations put into place, it not only can be something that they can get in serious trouble for but people can get extremely hurt and die on construction sites. However, please note that the employer carries Worker’s Compensation insurance, you may not qualify to pursue additional damages.  Therefore, you should hire an attorney as soon as possible. 

        If you ended up with a serious injury, please understand that it’s not your fault if you weren’t given the right training or the right equipment to keep yourself safe while working. It’s up to your employer to give you that and make sure that you are safe while you’re trying to do your work in an effective and quick way. When someone gets hurt while they’re working on a construction site and they get to go through their worker’s compensation to get their damages covered but it’s not enough, that’s when our Texas construction accident lawyers want you to reach out so you can get all of your avenues of relief explored and we can help you get the justice you deserve.

        We want you to reach out to us if you have any questions as soon as you possibly can. The sooner that you reach out to us, the better off you will be. There is too much time for you to make mistakes when you don’t have a lawyer in your corner guiding you through everything. Call today to set up a free consultation.

        A Wrongful Death Construction Accident Case

        Unfortunately, a lot of accidents end with someone passing away. If you have lost a loved one because of a construction accident, please understand that we are here to help you through this and get the justice that you and your family need. This incident that was completely avoidable left you and your family with grief and loss that is consuming. We do not want to let this type of negligence go unpunished. We understand that when you win a money damage for wrongful death and a construction accident it doesn’t help you grieve. It does, however, help you deal with the loss of your loved one financially and move forward without a financial burden.

        If you have lost someone that you love because of a construction accident and you are hoping to file a case for wrongful death against the liable party, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Texas construction accident lawyers to get to know what your rights are. We will help you identify who should be filing the claim and we will help you get the compensation that you deserve in the fullest possible amount. We are going to fight to get the funeral and burial costs covered as well as any potential earnings that this loved one would’ve provided for your family. Additionally, you can receive compensation for the pain and suffering that your loved one went through before they passed and the pain and suffering you are enduring right now.

        Why Construction Accidents Happen

        As you already know, when you are on a construction site there are a lot of hazards. The machinery and the equipment that is used on these construction sites present hazards to those who are working on the site as well as those who are near it. Construction accident happened to more than the people working on site. It can happen to people passing through and walking nearby. When things are not handled properly, people get hurt. Explosions can happen, people can get shocked, people can trip over things and slip in things, objects can fall and crush people. The list goes on, and we have handled all sorts of different types of construction accident cases where people have been crushed or have fallen or have been in a structure that collapsed. 

        Our Texas construction accident lawyers have seen a lot of different types of cases and you can rest assured that we’ve handled it before. Regardless of whether your injuries came from an accident in a vehicle on a construction site or because of someone else’s carelessness that led you to being in an incident where you ended up with serious injuries, we want to hear about your case during a free consultation right away.

        If you are working on a site where there are chemicals or electric work, then the risk of fires and explosions increases along with the risk of chemical burns. This is something that can cause permanent injuries for people.

        Something that we’re always going to do for our clients is research and investigate the cause of the accident so that we know what we are up against. If there is a third party involved in the accident, then we may pursue them to get you the damages and injuries that you are entitled to. It’s important that we do this so that you have every avenue of relief explored and you do not miss out on a penny of the compensation that you deserve.

        Call Our Texas Construction Accident Lawyers Right Away

        If you are seeking Texas construction accident lawyers to handle your case proficiently and successfully, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If you are facing serious injuries and it’s based on negligence in the workplace, we are more than happy to take your call and get to know your case. Let us handle everything about your case so you don’t have to worry about it at all and you can think about getting back to full health. Call us today and set up a free, initial consultation.


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