Texas Drowning Accident Guide

Texas Drowning Accident GuideThe Texas Drowning Accident Guide was created by Willumsen Law Firm PC to help residents who have suffered from a drowning accident obtain compensation.

Drowning incidents are far too common in this country and in Texas. In fact, drowning is one of the leading causes of death for children. People who have drowned and survived but suffer serious injuries as well as those who have lost a loved one, will likely be suffering physically and emotionally following an unnecessary drowning.  If this happened to you or you lost a loved one, our Texas drowning accident lawyers are very sorry that you have had to go through this type of loss and we are dedicated to giving you the support you need. Call us right away to set up a free, initial consultation.

Understanding Common Pool Incidents

Should I speak to the insurance company after a drowning accidentWhen you go to a pool, whether it’s a community pool or a family pool, you intend to have a good time. This is a recreational activity that can and should be fun and safe for all ages. However, there are still serious dangers present when at or around the pool.

The number one leading cause of accidental deaths in the world, according to the World Health Organization, is drowning. These types of accidents happen on a daily basis.

According to the CDC, there are an average of 10 deaths every single day that are related to drowning alone. It is far more common than you might have initially realized and can happen even in shallow pools or with strong swimmers. This unfortunate fact has likely led you here.

We would like to meet with you for your free consultation as soon as possible so our Texas drowning accident lawyers can get started working on your case and find the answer to the Questions:  how did this happen and who is responsible.

Losing Someone in a Drowning Incident

As you likely already know, drowning is very common and can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, the most common demographic with drowning accidents is young children. We know that when you lose someone to an incident like this there’s going to be a lot of grief that you have to manage. Our Texas drowning accident lawyers can help you handle every aspect of your legal case so you do not have to worry about any legal issues, ever.

We will begin by investigating the incident and determining what caused it or how it could have possibly been prevented. This helps us determine who was at fault and we often can determine if there was negligence involved in this incident. A negligent act could’ve been the supervisor of the pool not putting a lifeguard in a section of the pool where they should have, leading to someone drowning. If there was no warning upon entry to a pool where there are no lifeguards, you might have been misled into thinking that this was a place your child could go safely. Maybe the pool gate was left unlocked after hours?  We recently handled a case where a child was able to enter an unlocked Apartment Pool after hours and drowned.

Once we figure out who the liable party is, we’re going to be able to bring the case against them and show them all of the evidence that we have that proves they are liable and the negligent party. When there are accidents that are avoidable, we fight to give you and your family justice.

You Are Not Alone

How do I select the best Texas drowning accident attorneyIn cases where someone survives a drowning incident, they often end up in the emergency room treating the injuries. This happens more often than you might think and it’s often because of negligence that they ended up in a position where they needed medical care. We need to be able to hold the liable parties accountable.

We look into determining if there was something wrong with the facility. For example, were there ladders where there should’ve been so people could climb out safely? Our Texas drowning accident lawyers have experience with these types of cases and can handle this for you so you don’t ever have to think about it.

Statistically speaking, about half of swimming pool related injuries happens at somebody else’s home. It’s less common for these incidents to happen at a public pool or a hotel pool because there are more regulations to keep people safe.

We never want you to think that you shouldn’t bring a case against the liable party if it’s someone you know. We understand that it might feel uncomfortable to do so if you know this person but please understand that it could be because their negligence that you or your loved one has been hurt or worse. We need to hold people accountable and it will be their insurance company that will pay your compensation award; not the homeowner.

The process of finding out who the liable party is, allows us to determine who to bring the case against and gives us the proper information to see if you and your family are entitled to seeking damages.

The damages people suffer can be anything from trauma to permanent brain damage and more. Drowning essentially takes the oxygen away from the brain, and people can end up with a lifelong journey ahead of them full of pain and suffering. Treatments can be severe and expensive.

Please don’t hesitate to call our Texas drowning accident lawyers to get the help you need during this difficult time. Get your free consultation today.

Causes of Drowning

Drowning is very common and unfortunately, there are a lot of factors that go into having a drowning incident. These are the most common reasons why someone would drown:

  • Not keeping a gate or fence around pools where children can get to a body of water without the supervision of an adult even if it’s just for a moment
  • Young kids or weak swimmers being allowed in a pool without adult supervision.
  • Lifeguards not paying attention.
  • Gates left unlocked or open after hours.

Understanding Circulation Entrapment

The term “circulation entrapment” might sound foreign to you but throughout the process of your case if you’ve lost your loved one to an incident such as this it may become more familiar to you. The term circulation entrapment is referring to when someone got stuck in a pool or Jacuzzi underwater and couldn’t get free, resulting in their drowning incident. Pools and hot tubs are designed with drains and suction, and when someone’s swimsuit or hair or sometimes their limb gets stuck, it can cause them to drown.

Drowning Accident Case Value 

How much does it cost to hire a drowning accident attorneyWhen we determine the value of a case, it is based on many different factors. We look at how someone drowned and why. If this person survived, we look at all medical bills and expenses. If your loved one did not survive and you are filing a claim for wrongful death or accidental death, then we look to see the economic hardship you will face without them in your life and the expenses of their medical bills.

Furthermore, we look to see how in either situation this has impacted the quality of life of either the survivor of the incident or the family members of the loved one who drowned. Both types of damages, be they economic or non-economic, can be quite substantial and without a compensation award there would be a lot of financial hardship.  In addition, compensation can be sought if the person who drowned was aware of an impending death.

We want to know about every bill you received regarding this accident and every penny that has been lost income whether it was the person who passed away or is your inability to return to work to recover from the accident. We want to look at how life has changed for the victim or the victim’s family and all of that should be considered when determining the value of their compensation.

Our Texas drowning accident lawyers push the insurance company to make a settlement offer that is fair and as full as possible. If they refuse to meet us with an offer that we believe to be fair, we will try the case to a jury on your behalf.  Get your free consultation today to learn more. 

The Representation You Need

You need someone who is going to dedicate their efforts and resources to giving you justice. It’s so important that you have someone on your side during this trying time. You need to be able to trust that your lawyer is going to do right by you and give you the support that you need. You need someone who wants to give you the justice that you deserve and not just push your case through to get it over with. Our Texas drowning accident lawyers care about the results that we provide for our clients and we want you to receive the same justice we’ve given our community.

Call Our Texas Drowning Accident Lawyers Today

When you reach out to our Texas drowning accident lawyers, you are getting strong and dependable representation for your case. We fight for your rights as if you are our own family. We want you to receive justice to the fullest extent, and we will do everything we can to get you there. Call us right away to set up a free consultation.

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