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Texas Slip and Fall Lawyers

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    Texas Slip and Fall Lawyers

    Do you need legal help?

      Texas Slip and Fall Lawyers

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        "I highly recommend attorney Fred Willumsen. He is professional, thorough, forthright, and kind. He communicated well throughout the process, took the time to answer any question I had, told me just how things were, whether good news or bad. He advised well on decisions I needed to make, and his support team did a great job in helping to navigate and resolved my case with the best results possible. Thanks again, Fred!"

        – A.M.

        Fred was great! Communicated the entire time. Highly recommend.

        – Roxanna Alvarado

        Honestly I’m so happy I went to him!! Settled my case and was great on giving me updates throughout the process!

        – Marlee Guerrero

        For more than 25 years

        We have obtained millions of dollars for our clients, and we will dedicate ourselves to obtaining maximum recovery for you following an accident that should not have happened.

        Contact us today, we can help you.

        For more than 25 years

        We have obtained millions of dollars for our clients, and we will dedicate ourselves to obtaining maximum recovery for you following an accident that should not have happened.

        Contact us today, we can help you.


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        Texas Slip and Fall Lawyers

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        Have you been seriously injured in a slip and fall? We’re terribly sorry that you’ve had to go through this experience and you’ve ended up with an injury that has affected your life. This can be a very uncertain time for most people and we understand if you are worried about your future. Please allow us to help you through your slip and fall case to get you the justice that you are entitled to. When you were looking for results call our Texas slip and fall lawyers today for a free consultation.

        Get the Results You Deserve

        When we fight for justice, we are giving you the support you need to get the financial compensation for your injuries. This financial compensation is going to be received from the liable parties insurance company. They are going to be the ones responsible for covering all of your damages and injuries.

        When we consider the value of someone’s case, we need to know a lot of different factors.

        Do You Need Legal Help?

          If you try to rush into a settlement, you might miss out on compensation that you deserve. An example of that would be if you were in a slip and fall accident and hurt your elbow and received treatment for it and settled within a few months you would not be able to receive any further compensation when a year later you end up needing surgery on that elbow because you’re still experiencing issues.  We do not want to rush into a settlement at all. We want to settle when we know the full extent of your damages and injuries.

          Your compensation award gets broken down into two categories. Your economic damages are all of your money losses. That could include losing money from having to miss work, paying medical bills and hospital bills etc.

          Your non-economic damages are all the ways in which your life has been negatively affected by your accident. If you can’t enjoy the hobbies you used to do before your slip and fall then that should be included in your compensation award. We understand that this is harder for us to calculate because you won’t see it on a bill and you won’t see it missing from a paystub. It is nonetheless important for this to be included in your compensation and our Texas slip and fall lawyers will fight to include it fully.

          Case Process

          Every personal injury case including slip and fall cases begins at the scene of the accident. There is going to be a ton of evidence at the scene and it’s your job to collect it. Hopefully you are able to or you can call on a friend or family member to come do it for you. Sometimes you can either get a Texas slip and fall lawyer to come to the same to help you collect evidence. Regardless of it needs to be done. Photos and videos of the scene and whatever you tripped or slipped in is going to help us create a strong argument for your case. You may also be able to collect contact information from witnesses as well as the accident Report from the store or business you were at.

          After that your next step needs to be getting to an emergency room or urgent care facility to get treatments for your injuries. Do not delay this process as it can result in you having worsened conditions.

          From here after you get your medical attention and you have collected your evidence you can reach out to our Texas slip and fall lawyers for a free consultation. If you are entitled to justice and you bring our lawyers onto your case, we begin investigating it immediately and collecting information that can help us build a strong foundation for your case.

          Once we determine who the liable party is for your incident, we can bring the case against them so that their insurance company can be put on notice that there is a case and they are responsible for your compensation.

          We will go back-and-forth with the insurance company to determine a settlement award that is full and fair for you and takes into consideration all of your damages and injuries.

          If we cannot come up with a settlement award that fully encompasses all of the damages and injuries that you’ve suffered through then we can take the case all the way to trial if we have to. Most people do not end up going to trial but we prepare our cases as if they are so we are never surprised. 

          Getting the Representation You Deserve

          When you are faced with a challenge like this you deserve to have someone fighting by your side to ensure that the insurance company doesn’t try to get away with shorting you of what you deserve. You need someone with you to fight and advocate for you. These cases can be complicated and going out this alone almost always means that you don’t get the results you deserve. It’s so important for you to have Texas slip and fall lawyers who know what they’re doing and care about the end results for you. Too many lawyers want to get your case over with so they can get money through the door. We care about giving your results that are full and fair.

          You will never have to pay us upfront out-of-pocket. We work on a contingency fee basis which means we do not receive money unless we win your case. And from there a portion of the compensation becomes our payment. You never have to worry about not being able to afford a lawyer when you have our lawyers fighting for you.

          We handle everything so you don’t have to worry about your case at all. You will always be able to stay informed but never have to take on the stress of your case.

          Call us today to set up your first free consultation and get to know your rights and your slip and fall case. You deserve to have someone who’s going to fight for you like it’s their own family. Call today.

          Act Quickly

          In Texas you are held to a statute of limitations of two years. The term statute of limitations refers to the amount of time in which you have after your slip and fall to file a claim. When you end up hurt because of negligence of a store owner or property owner and you have a slip and fall injury the first thing that you need to do is get medical treatment. Getting medical treatment as far and above the most important thing that you can do for yourself. The second most important thing that you can do for yourself is getting into contact with Texas slip and fall lawyers. Those two things are priorities for you right now.

          If you delay seeking medical attention then the insurance company has every opportunity to say that you lied about how badly you were hurt or you lied about where your injuries came from to begin with. If they try to claim either one of those things, they can try to lower the compensation they give you or they can try to throw away your case all together. We do not want that to end up happening to you.

          If you do not reach out to a Texas slip and fall lawyer right away then you are setting yourself up for opportunities to make mistakes. Huge mistake that we often see people make is that they talk to the liable parties insurance company about the accident. This recorded statement that they asked to get from you is only going to hurt you in the long run. They want you to say something that allows them to lower your award or throw away your case completely. Do not let them have this opportunity to ruin your case. Let your lawyers talk to them for you.

          Do not hesitate to reach out to us as soon as you possibly can even if you are still recovering in a hospital bed.

          Call Our Texas Slip and Fall Lawyers Today

          After you have suffered an injury after a slip and fall, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Texas slip and fall lawyers as soon as you possibly can. We want to be able to provide you with the same dedicated support given to those in our community who have needed it. Call us right away to set up your free, first consultation.

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          “Thank you Willumsen Law Firm PC, for all that you have done for me. I greatly appreciate the professionalism and time management you guys gave me! Thanks again!”
          – LaQuinta Banks
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