Does Size Matter When It Comes to Dog Bites?

Does Size Matter When It Comes to Dog BitesLittle dogs seem far from threatening until they feel threatened themselves. All of a sudden, an animal that might weigh the same as a gallon of milk can suddenly turn in to a vicious, snarling monster.

The aggression of small dogs is enough to make delivery people run when Pomeranians and tiny toy poodles escape their homes. Some people might laugh, but those drivers have probably learned from experience.

Most people who feel afraid of dogs focus their concern on larger, more obviously threatening breeds. Does size play any role in how much risk a dog has for biting a person?


Breed, age and gender have very little effect on the overall risk of a dog biting a human. Dogs of any breed can cause injuries to people, and there are dogs of both very large and very small stature on the lists of the breeds that bite most. Owners may have to worry about their Pit bull companion animals, but they may also have to keep an eye on their Chihuahua for aggression as well.

Although big dogs may cause more severe injuries when they attack, little dogs may be slightly more aggressive overall. Research has directly correlated a dog’s height with unpleasant and aggressive behavior displayed in dogs, like aggression towards owners and urine marking.

Respecting the body language and sound a dog displays when you interact with them can help you avoid getting attacked. However, victims of dog bite attacks need to understand that the size of the animal has no bearing on their rights when it comes to insurance claims or lawsuits against an irresponsible owner.

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