Texas Dog Bite

Did you or a loved one get injured from a dog bite in Texas? Contact our Texas Dog Bite Attorneys today for a free legal consultation.

Bitten When Petting a Dog

Texas Dog BiteI get this question a lot. It often happens when someone is at a family member’s house, petting the family dog. Everything seems to be fine, but then something happens. The dog snaps. What do you do? You have rights in Texas to pursue damages for medical bills, pain, and suffering. One thing people don’t realize about getting bit is the anxiety and fear it can cause. It can cause nightmares. A lot of times that fear and anxiety may not develop until a few days or weeks after the situation because you’re dealing with puncture wounds and cuts and scars.

Those mental wounds can last for a while. They can be difficult to treat, and they can be difficult to get resolved. That’s why it’s important to find an attorney that understands what damages you’re entitled to and what those damages mean to your daily life and your personal life. The puncture wounds on your body will heal within days or weeks. Those will be resolved, but when you close your eyes at night to go to sleep, is that image of the dog biting you replaying in your mind months and months afterward? That’s why it’s important to get a lawyer who understands the nature of a dog bite, the mental and emotional damages, and the types of injuries that occur.

A lot of our dog bite clients have been diagnosed with PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, because of the ongoing issues with their mind. They can’t get away from it. That’s why it’s really important to have an attorney on your side who understands that, who knows how to deal with that and can help you get through that process, because it’s not easy. We’re trial attorneys, and we want to make sure that we have the evidence collected from the beginning. We want to make sure that we have what we need for your claim in case we have to go in front of a judge and jury.


Knocked Over By a Dog

The dog just knocked me down. Do I have a claim? Can I do anything? My answer is always, yes, you do have a claim. Not all injuries are bites. This is something that happens quite often. The dog is excited, isn’t being aggressive, but the dog is jumping around and somebody falls. You could end up with a broken hip, a broken knee. We’ve handled a number of these cases.

We just resolved a case for a lady who was a nurse here in Houston. She got home from a late shift helping during our current medical crisis. When she got home, she took her dog out for a walk. Somebody opened a door and let their dog out, not on a leash, and their dog started a fight with her dog. She got knocked down in the middle of it. She had to have knee surgery and was out of work for four months. One of the first questions she asked me was, “Do I even have a claim? The dog didn’t bite me. The dog didn’t even touch me. What do I do?” I said, good thing you hired a trial attorney who handles these kinds of cases and knows what’s going on.

Sure enough, from the get-go, we started collecting the evidence necessary to be successful with her case. We went through the process of what we do. Ultimately, she was compensated for her medical bills and for what she went through. She was grateful and was really surprised, since she wasn’t even bitten by the dog. That’s the misnomer, that you have to be bitten by a dog to have a claim. It’s based on the injuries.. Were you injured by a dog? If you were injured by a dog, call a trial attorney.

Choosing a Dog Bite Attorney

Most people have one common question when it comes to dog bite or dog injury cases, “How do I choose the best dog bite lawyer for my case?” By way of example, if you need a will, you should hire a lawyer that writes wills for a living. If you’ve been harmed by a dog, whether through a bite or some other way, you should hire a Texas personal injury trial lawyer to help you with your particular situation. What we would suggest is that you interview at least two personal injury trial lawyers and ask the following:

1. “Are you board-certified in personal injury trial law?”
2. “What actual experience do you have in trying cases to a jury?”
3. “Will you give me your personal cell phone number so that we can stay in close communication throughout your case?”

Did you or a loved one get severely injured from a dog bite in Texas? Contact our experienced Texas Dog Bite Attorneys today for a free legal consultation and case evaluation.

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