Steps After a Texas Truck Accident

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What should I do after being injured in a truck accident?


If you are involved in a truck accident, you’re going to be in shock. You’re going to have adrenaline coursing through you. You could have a broken leg. You could have a leg missing and not even realize it. That is how traumatic that kind of event is. The first thing you should do is check yourself, make sure that you’re okay to leave your vehicle. Once you leave the vehicle, find out what you think happened by communicating with any witnesses, get their information, talk to the other driver, call the police. Call 911 if you’re hurt. Let them come out.

As soon as you have gone through the process of being at the scene and you’ve been told to go home or you’ve been taken away in an ambulance and you have a chance to evaluate what happened to you that day, think about hiring an attorney. You’re going to need one. You might as well get one right in the beginning so that they can secure all the information on evidence that you’re going to need to prove your case. Don’t hesitate or wait. Don’t be afraid to call an attorney. The attorney wants you to call. It’s our business to help people. Unfortunately, all the calls we get are from people who have been involved in horrible accidents, which of course, we can’t do anything about at that point, but what we can do is make the process of recovery, in particular financial recovery, easier for you and your family. Because chances are you’re going to incur medical bills, some of which may not be covered by insurance. You may lose time from work. Sometimes your employers don’t compensate or cover that for you. There may be long-term implications, long-term care that might be required. Yes, we can’t do anything about what happened, but we can at least help you along the way and in particular help you recover more quickly your financial losses.


Do you or a loved one have questions about the steps after a Texas truck accident? Contact our experienced Texas Truck Accident Lawyers today for a free legal consultation and case evaluation.

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