Speak Out if a Dangerous Dog is Threatening Your Neighborhood

Speak Out if a Dangerous Dog is Threatening Your NeighborhoodLiving with dogs, you know how gentle and friendly they can be. Unfortunately, that is not the case for every four-legged companion. Some dogs fall ill. Others are injured or upset. When they’re unstable and fearful, they’re much more likely to lash out.

In Houston, it is possible to have any dog labeled as being dangerous if it is threatening or attacks. If you see a dog that is threatening to attack you or that has actually attacked you or someone else, then you can report it. Filing dangerous dog reports with the court will help the court know to notify the dog’s owner. The dog can be taken away and kept by the Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services Veterinary Public Health Department while the court works with the family to determine if the dog is dangerous to the family or others.

In the case that a dog is found to be dangerous, the owner will be asked to take specific steps to prevent injuries to others. This includes purchasing additional liability insurance and making sure that the pet is safely enclosed where it cannot get out and harm other people.

If you were attacked by the dog and suffered serious injuries, it is important to hold the owner liable for their animal’s actions. It is not fair to you or to others to have to live near or with an animal that is so aggressive and dangerous.

Our website has more on what you need to do if you’re worried about a dangerous dog in your neighborhood. With the right support, you can make sure it is kept away from those that it may harm.

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