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Designating A Dangerous Dog In Texas

Harris County, along with other cities in Texas, has a process for designating a dog as “dangerous” when they attack or threaten to attack. This designation can help prevent future attacks by dogs that have aggressive tendencies when someone is attacked by a dog that has been determined to be dangerous.

Dog Breeds Qualifying For Dangerous Dog Designation

Any dog – regardless of breed – can be designated as dangerous if it has attacked someone outside of its enclosure, or if a potential victim has witnessed a dog show threatening behaviors.

Someone who wants to report a dangerous dog begins the process by filling out the paperwork with a court, which will notify the dog owner of the application. The dog will be kept by the Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services’ (HCPHES) Veterinary Public Health Department until a judge determines whether or not the dog is dangerous.

If a judge finds that the dog is dangerous, the owner will be required to comply with specific instructions for enclosing it as well as obtaining additional liability insurance.

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