Remember These Signs That a Dog Might Turn Aggressive

Remember These Signs That a Dog Might Turn AggressiveMany people come into contact with dogs on a regular basis, and it’s often difficult to determine when a dog you aren’t familiar with is feeling overwhelmed or scared and may turn aggressive.

Knowing some of the more common signs that a dog is getting antsy may prevent you from being bitten. Of course, the duty is on the dog’s owner to ensure that it doesn’t attack anyone. Still, knowing when to back away if a dog is likely to bite might help to keep you safer.


There are many common signs that a dog may attack. Some dogs may display all of these, but others might only show one, so be conscious of the fact that even a small signal is a big warning sign. Be particularly wary if the dog in front of you displays any of the following behaviors:

  • A wagging tail that’s coupled with a rigid body
  • Growling, snarling or snapping
  • Looking away from you
  • Licking its lips or constantly yawning
  • Raised fur
  • Baring its teeth

Remember that you shouldn’t run from a dog. Doing so can trigger or enhance the animal’s prey drive. If the dog does attack, try to protect your face and abdomen since these are often the areas that suffer the most damage.

Anyone who’s bitten by a dog should get medical care right away. Ultimately, you may need to pursue a claim for compensation to recover some of the financial damages you’ve had to handle as a result of the bite. Working with an experienced advocate can help you navigate this process more successfully.

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