Emotional Distress After a Bus Accident

Learn about the emotional distress after a bus accident that many clients feel in this video. Then contact us to learn how we can help you.


What is the typical emotional state of someone who was involved in a bus accident?


I’ve gotten calls from passengers who live in Houston and take charter buses to Louisiana on casino trips. Louisiana has gambling, casinos, and you see a lot of these charter buses going to the casinos. My grandma loved going to the casino. She looked into taking one of the charter buses to the casino.

When one of these charter buses crashes, passengers don’t know what to do. They are frightened. There’s a lot of people involved. A lot of times, the people involved don’t want to speak to them. They don’t want to help them. They don’t want to hear their troubles or their injuries. They need guidance. They need some help. They need to know that someone is here to handle all the details so that they can focus on getting better.

We can help. We’re trial attorneys. From day one, we look for the evidence that might be necessary to go in front of the judge and the jury for your claim. We handle all the details. Who’s involved? What was the driver doing? What’s the insurance company doing? What company hired the charter bus? Is the bus owned by the charter company? Who owns the bus? There are a lot of details in a case like this, details that the injured person doesn’t need to worry about. Let me handle the details. Call me with your questions. You just worry about getting better. I’ll handle the stress. You get better.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in Texas and have questions about the emotional distress after a bus accident that many clients feel? Contact our experienced Texas Bus Accident Lawyers today for a free legal consultation and case evaluation.

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