4 Things You Need To Know About Bicycle Accidents

Were you severely injured while out on a ride? Learn these 4 things you need to know about bicycle accidents, then call our Texas attorneys.

1. Case Value

4 Things You Need To Know About Bicycle AccidentsIn the beginning, we don’t know what it’s worth It requires a trial attorney to look at the different damages to figure out  how you have been damaged. There could be medical bills. A lot of times there’s a lot of medical bills. But that’s just one factor into what your case is worth.

If you’ve been in a bike accident, you’re probably in a lot of pain. That’s worth something. You might be in so much pain you can’t sleep at night. You might be in so much pain that you can’t do the things that make your life worth doing and living. What’s that worth? That’s why it’s important that you find a personal injury attorney that focuses on trial, a trial attorney. You want to get an attorney who is comfortable and confident in the courtroom, who can present this case to a jury and hold the insurance company accountable in front of a jury. That’s where we can maximize your damages. We want to get to know you. We want to know what makes your life worth living.

Let’s talk about that because that’s where a lot of the value is. It’s easy to pay back medical bills, but what’s that time you spend with your kid playing, rolling around on the ground worth? What if somebody took that from you? You didn’t ask for them to take it. Now you’re watching your child play on the floor without you because your back hurts and you can’t get down there to do it. What’s that worth? The insurance company will tell you it’s worth nothing. It’s just part of life. You know that’s not true. Make sure you get a trial attorney who knows how to present those cases, that argument, that information to a jury and a judge.

2. Attorney Fees

You’ve got to be really expensive. The good news is you’re not going to have to pay anything out of your pocket. There’s no down payment. There’s no retainer fee. There’s no hourly fee. You’re not going to have to pay me your next month’s rent until I work on your case. We work on what’s called a contingency fee. We do all the work necessary to put your case in the best position possible to maximize your recovery without you having to pay us a dime. We’re compensated on a percentage of the insurance settlement.

Once the insurance company does the right thing and compensates you for your damages, like your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, physical impairment, then we’re compensated. If we don’t win, we don’t get paid. This takes a lot of stress off your shoulders to know that you get what you need and have a team on your side without having to pay for it up front.

3. Case Timeline

You want to get your bike fixed, get your life back to the way it was. You didn’t ask for your life to be turned upside down because somebody else wasn’t paying attention. But it’s a hard question to answer.

There are a couple of factors that have to be looked at. One of the factors is, how badly were you injured? Some injuries might require surgery. That’s going to take longer because we need to know the full extent of your damages. We need to know everything that’s happened to you so we can present that to the insurance company and then give them an opportunity to do the right thing. The second factor is the insurance company. If they decide to, for whatever reason, to deny, delay, or even try to blame you, it’s going to change the timeline. Every case is different. That’s why it’s important for you to get a trial attorney, someone who can go into the courtroom, present this information to the jury, to the judge, and hold the insurance company accountable, and force them to compensate you justly.

4. Common Mistakes To Avoid

One  of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking they don’t need a lawyer. The insurance company would love for you to get caught in that trap because it makes their job so much easier. You don’t know what to watch out for. You don’t know what evidence is needed. You don’t know why certain things are important. Whereas a lawyer, someone like myself, who focuses on personal injury, does know what to look for. It’s more of a fair fight for you. You have somebody on your side, on your team, fighting for you. Why wouldn’t you want someone on your side? They have somebody fighting for them. Why shouldn’t you have somebody fighting for you?

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in Texas and have questions about the 4 things you need to know about bicycle accidents? Contact our experienced Texas Bicycle Accident Attorneys today for a free legal consultation and case evaluation.

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