Why You Can not Ignore a Dog Bite to Your Hand or Finger

Why You Can not Ignore a Dog Bite to Your Hand or FingerWhen it comes to minor dog bites, the wounds that humans sustain are often defensive. In other words, a dog bite not severe enough to send you to the hospital is likely going to be on your hands because you tried to stop the dog from biting you someplace more dangerous.

Many people who own or interact with dogs will suffer wounds on their hands due to shallow bites. Some people ignore such bites, which can be a major mistake. Even seemingly minor bite wounds to the hands can cause potentially catastrophic medical conditions.


People bitten by dogs often have minor injuries and a risk of infection at the site of the wound. Victims can also suffer injuries to the joints and damage to the cartilage in their hands in a bite attack. For a small portion of those who suffered dog bites, the injury will result in a deeper infection.

Acute osteomyelitis is a bone infection that sometimes develops in those who suffered dog bites to the hands, wrists or forearms. People often don’t realize that the dog bite wound presents a serious risk of infection and may not take the necessary steps to clean and monitor it. Just rinsing out the bite or applying a bandage won’t prevent the onset of a serious infection. Left untreated, this condition could result in necrotic tissue and even become life-threatening.

Whether a dog bite attack left you with disfiguring wounds, severe infections or trauma that requires therapy, compensation through an insurance claim or a civil lawsuit may be necessary.

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