Spooky Nights and Dog Bites: Avoiding Bites in the Fall

Spooky Nights and Dog Bites Avoiding Bites in the FallThe fall is often people’s favorite time of year. Why? The weather is cooler, they can go on longer walks with their pets, and there are plenty of fun and friendly family activities that Fido can join, too. From pumpkin patch picks to heading out for Halloween, family pets might be part of those busy activities.

It’s important to know how to prepare your pet for these activities, too. Doing so could help prevent a dog bite, which could cost the owner thousands and potentially lead to the dog being put to sleep.


If you’re planning to participate in a family activity in public, consider if your pet is trained well enough to go safely. For example, if your pet has never been out when Trick-or-Treaters have been on your property, it may be a good idea to keep them on a short leash or to put them inside, safe and away from the visitors. While a pet might normally love greeting new people, seeing people in masks and unusual costumes isn’t as typical. Some pets might think that smaller children are wearing toys or end up biting out of fear.

Remember that public places can be overwhelming for pets, too. The excitement of people rushing around can lead to your pet being energetic, too. Too much excitement sometimes leads to bites, so if your pet isn’t calm or has a tendency to get rowdy, it may be best to leave them at home.

Remember, dog bites are the responsibility of the dog’s owner in most cases. If you’re bitten by someone else’s dog, they will likely be responsible for the financial losses you suffer.

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