Proper Documentation Can Speed Up Truck Accident Claims

Proper Documentation Can Speed Up Truck Accident ClaimsAfter suffering injuries in a truck accident, most Houston victims need financial relief to pay medical bills and other crash-related expenses. When truck accidents involve negligence, an effective method of finding relief is filing an accident or injury claim.

Our attorneys understand that victims want to expedite an accident claim as much as possible. Unfortunately, legal matters often take time to conclude. Having said that, there are things you can do on your end to speed up the process. We have found that preparing yourself as well as your lawyer is a wonderful way to get the ball rolling.

For example, taking time before an attorney consultation to gather documentation prepares you and helps your lawyer begin building your case. Some of the necessary documents include:

  • Insurance policy paperwork
  • Police accident reports
  • Records of any tickets issued by police at the scene
  • Medical records
  • Witness statements
  • Paycheck stubs
  • Receipts proving you pay your insurance premiums
  • Information exchanged with the trucker at the scene
  • Photo records of your injuries
  • Copies of your correspondence with insurance companies

At this point, we wish to assure you that no truck accident or injury attorney expects you to do all the work on your case. However, working cooperatively with your lawyer benefits your claim as it speeds up the process and ensures you are ready to move forward.

Would you like to learn more about truck accidents and legal remedies in Texas? Continue reading the information we provide on our firm’s website and in our blog. You may also reach out to our attorneys for answers to your specific concerns and questions.

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