Minimum Personal Injury Medical Bills

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Is there a minimum amount of medical bills needed to have a case?


We were speaking with a potential new client the other day. After her car crash, she went to the doctor and had some medical bills piling up. One of her concerns was, “Is there a maximum or minimum amount of medical bills that I have to have, in order to have a personal injury claim here in Texas?”

If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own, through someone else’s carelessness, there’s no minimum amount of medical bills required to have an injury claim. With medical bills, however, it’s important to allow the doctor to document your injuries so there will be some medical bills. Every case is different. Some people have more significant injuries, some people have less significant injuries.

What’s really important is that you find a personal injury trial lawyer— someone who is skilled in putting together these types of cases, whether your injuries are major or minor. That helps guarantee you get the compensation your deserve from the insurance company. If the insurance company decides not to do the right thing because you might have fewer medical bills than someone else, that’s where we step in. We want to take the insurance company all the way to a jury trial and force them to do the right thing.

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