Important Points to Remember After a Dog Bites You

Important Points to Remember After a Dog Bites YouBeing bitten by a dog is usually a tremendous shock. If the bite is severe, your natural priority is going to be getting medical care. Even if this is a serious incident, however, you should get contact information from the animal’s owner because you may need it in the future. You also may need that contact information to better inform your medical care.

To treat your bite wounds, doctors need to know whether the dog that bit you has had its rabies vaccination. This must be administered by a licensed veterinarian, so there should be a record of it at that office. There is also a certificate and tag that the owner should have for the dog.

Unless you can obtain proof that the dog had its rabies vaccination, you may have to undergo some additional medical treatments. In some cases, a victim of a dog bite will need to have a series of four injections to prevent rabies just in case the dog was infected. An injection of immune globulin for rabies is also necessary for these situations.

Dog bites can lead to numerous issues, not just rabies. More serious cases could include scarring that disfigures the person for life. It’s also possible that the dog might transmit capnocytophaga, pasteurella or staphylococcus, which are different types of bacteria that can lead to infections. Muscle damage and nerve damage are also possible from a bite. Victims of dog attacks must ensure they get immediate medical care so they aren’t left with hidden problems that manifest later. They may also seek compensation from the dog’s owner for their losses.

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