Dogs Need to be Under an Owner’s Control at All Times

Dogs Need to be Under an Owner's Control at All TimesIf your area has leash laws, then it’s very important that dog owners follow them. There will always be instances where a pet gets out of their fence or when a leash breaks, but on the whole, owners need to do their due diligence in preventing their pets from running free.

Leash laws were created to help prevent dog bites and the risk of diseases passing from dogs to humans. Interestingly, Texas does not have a statewide dog leash law. Instead, it is a city-by-city requirement. Whether you’re a dog owner or know someone who is, you should know to always check a city’s rules before allowing your pet off-leash.

In Houston, for example, dogs are not allowed to be out of the direct control of their owners. That means that they can be out playing within a fenced area or on a leash, but the owner needs to be able to have access to them and to prevent the dog from interacting with others. If a pet does get out of a fenced area or gets off its leash, the owner can be held liable for any injuries that the dog causes to another person. Additionally, the pet could be taken to the pound if they cause injuries.

Unleashed dogs can be dangerous and frightening. If you see one around you, get inside a fenced area, your home or a vehicle if possible. Call animal control, so that they can come to get the pet before it does harm to anyone. While the majority of dogs are friendly, it only takes one to become vicious and cause a dangerous dog bite. If that happens, make sure that you seek both medical help and experienced legal assistance.

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