Dog Bite Lawyer Fees

Were you attacked by someone’s animal and worried on how much representation will cost? Watch this video about dog bite lawyer fees.


How much does an attorney cost for a dog bite claim?


We were speaking with a potential new client the other day. She was a really nice elderly lady from the Dallas area in Texas. She was over at her daughter’s house and her daughter’s dog was excited, jumped up and knocked grandma down. As a result, grandma broke her hip. She ended up having to go to the hospital and have surgery. She got out of the hospital and the medical bills were piling up. She’s on a fixed income so she was worried, “How am I going to pay rent? How am I going to pay my bills? How am I going to eat? How am I going to survive?”

It’s a question that we get a lot. Nobody is expecting thousands of dollars in medical bills after an incident. Nobody is expecting to all of a sudden come up with a bunch of money that they probably don’t have. We explained to her that we are contingency fee lawyers. We told her that we get paid on a contingency fee, which means it’s a percentage of the overall settlement. When the insurance company sends the firm a check, once they’ve made a fair and reasonable settlement offer that is, they’ll send the check to the law firm and the law firm will get a percentage of that, a contingency fee. That way, you’ll never have to pay out of your pocket for our services.

Did you or a loved one get severely injured from a dog bite in Texas and have questions about the dog bite lawyer fees? Contact our experienced Texas Dog Bite Attorneys today for a free legal consultation and case evaluation.

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