Dog Bite Available Damages

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What are potential damages I can receive for a dog bite case?


We were speaking with a mother the other day whose son was attacked by a dog, and her son ended up having to go to the hospital. He’s been in the hospital, and the medical bills were piling up. The poor guy had to get stitches, and now he’s going to have scars on his body and possibly even some other surgeries to heal all the wounds. Mom was really concerned about what kind of compensation she could get for his different injuries. Not only does he have medical bills, but now he has scars on his body from the attack ane scars on his body from surgery. He’s having terrible nightmares. “What can we do?” she asked.

We explained to her that it’s a question we hear often – what are the different damages that I’m entitled to after my dog attack? The first thing is your medical bills. Whatever medical bills you’ve incurred as a result of this attack, we’re going to want to get those paid back. If you have a job, if you’ve lost time from work, lost wages are something else that you’re entitled to as one of your damages. Then we have some categories of damages called non-economic damages. Non-economic damages are your pain and suffering. It’s going to be your emotional and mental pain— the anxiety, the fear, the PTSD that might have been a result of the dog bite attack. Some other damages include scarring or disfigurement and physical impairment. How has this attack affected your daily life? What does it prevent you from doing now? Maybe you don’t like going outside anymore because you’re afraid of being attacked again.

There’s a variety of damages that you’re entitled to after a dog bite attack. It’s really important that you get with a personal injury attorney who focuses on dog bites and understands the different damages available, as well as the different evidence required to prove up those damages. That way we can maximize the recovery and compensation that ultimately goes in your pocket when this is resolved.

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