Delivery Drivers: How to Stay Safe From Potential Dog Bites

Delivery Drivers How to Stay Safe From Potential Dog BitesWhether you deliver pizzas, mail or flowers, as a delivery driver, you are responsible for dropping off special items to clients’ houses. This can be an enjoyable and rewarding profession, however, it does place you in the unknown when it comes to homes with dogs.

Here are a few tips on how to stay safe while making your deliveries.


A lot of times, people will have signage in their yards or on their window stating, “Beware of the dog.” Take note of these. Also, take in the whole picture when arriving at a client’s house. Is there a water dish on the porch? Perhaps a “Wipe your paws” welcome mat? Look for clues that may or may not indicate a dog lives there. Be sure to also not have headphones or earbuds in when arriving at a house, so as to hear a potential dog bark.


If faced with a dog charging at you, whatever you do, don’t run. Stand your ground, facing the dog. If the dog does come at you, use a backpack or bag you have as a barrier between you and the canine. Back away slowly, while still keeping yourself facing the dog.


If a house you frequent on your delivery route houses a dog that has given you problems in the past, look at the option of talking to the homeowner. Perhaps someone in the house could have the dog out on a walk when you stop by? Or simply just have the dog barricaded in another room while you deliver their items? This could be just as much a protection for you as the dog owners when it comes to keeping everyone safe.

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