Commercial Truck Insurance Companies Want to Reduce Their Losses, Not Pay Claims

Commercial Truck Insurance Companies Want to Reduce Their Losses, Not Pay ClaimsGetting into any kind of collision on the Texas roadways could mean substantial damage to your vehicle and potentially significant injuries that might leave you unable to work. Certain factors increase the likelihood of the crash having severe consequences for you. A massive discrepancy between the size of your vehicle and the other vehicle is one such factor.

A crash with a commercial vehicle when you are in a standard passenger vehicle could result in catastrophic levels of property damage and injury. In a situation where the truck driver is responsible for the crash, you will likely depend on their insurance for compensation for costs you incur, like medical expenses, vehicle repair and lost wages during your recovery.


Large commercial vehicles carrying merchandise have to carry much more insurance than passenger vehicles do. The weight of the vehicle affects the amount of liability insurance necessary for a commercial vehicle. Vehicles that weigh up to 26,000 lb require at least $300,000 worth of liability protection. Trucks that weigh more than 26,000 lb will require at least $500,000 worth of insurance.

Given the higher amount of coverage, the claims that people could bring against commercial driver’s policy will be much higher. Therefore, the company issuing the policy has a strong profit incentive to minimize what they pay out on claims. Offering low settlements or trying to trick victims into statements that imply they share fault for the crash are common tactics companies can use to prevent people with valid claims from getting the compensation they deserve.

It’s inherently risky to try to negotiate with a trucking insurance company on your own. You simply don’t have the experience to spot the tactics used to devalue your claim. Find out how an attorney may be able to help you.

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