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Small dogs can be aggressive and a danger to children

| Jun 18, 2020 | Dog Bites/Attacks |

When people think of dangerous dogs, the breeds that they most likely picture will be the large animals with a reputation for aggressive behavior. Thanks to their frequent use in films, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls and German Shepherds often inspire fear of bites among both children and adults. 

However, especially for children, large dogs are not the only threat. Small dogs are often highly aggressive because of their diminished stature and can cause significant damage if they attack a child or infant. Believe it or not, several very small kinds of dogs are among the breeds most likely to bite humans and potentially cause serious injuries

Tiny dogs may cause huge consequences for dog bite victims

Roughly half of the breeds most likely to engage in dog bite attacks according to an analysis of the statistics would be dogs many people would classify as ankle-biters. Chihuahuas, which typically weigh under 10 pounds, are actually in the top spot on this ignoble list

Other small dog breeds that frequently break included Jack Russell Terriers, Cocker Spaniels, Lhasa Apsos, Pekingese and Papillions are all on the list as well. 

Size does not always matter when it comes to a dog bite

There are two distinct kinds of damage their dog bite attack causes a child in particular. The first involves the physical wounds someone suffers. The second involves the psychological damage. 

Children are more likely than adults to develop phobias as a result of a vicious dog bite attack. Their physical injuries can also often be worse, as their short of stature may allow a small dog to do damage to their face or neck. 

Families dealing with the aftermath of a dog bite attack may need to address both medical costs incurred while caring for the physical trauma of the bite and counseling costs, is a child may require months or even years of therapy to overcome the fear that a dog bite attacks may generate. That’s why it’s so important to seek compensation whenever possible for your losses.