Are Pit Bulls Higher Risk For Dog Bites?

Are Pit Bulls Higher Risk For Dog BitesEvery loving Houston dog owner knows that how a dog is raised and trained as a lot to do with the cause of the pet’s behavior. A dog from any breed can be brought up in a caring home and taught to act gently and friendly with family members, children and strangers if it’s raised to act well-behaved.

Despite this, certain large dog breeds — especially pit bulls — have a reputation of being violent and dangerous. Because of this, many apartment complexes and some Texas municipalities have restrictions and local ordinances placing limits on these kinds of dog breeds, such as where they’re allowed to live and the necessary enclosures. While it’s true that a dog’s breed alone doesn’t inherently determine if the dog will act violently in all situations, sadly, some breeds are statistically more likely to be involved in dog bites, many of them capable of inflicting serious injuries.

According to a study, compared to all other breeds of dogs, it’s 31% more likely for pit bull terriers to attack a stranger and 48% more likely for them to attack without being provoked. Other research has determined that attacks from pit bulls are associated with higher rates of severe injury and even the death of victims. Still another study said that pit bulls are responsible for 60% of all injuries from attacks by unfamiliar dogs.

Don’t mistake: A pit bull can still be lovable and friendly member of your family if it’s raised in the right home. But it should come as no surprise that the breed may have some risks of aggression, and caution is advised when it comes to meeting unfamiliar dogs.

Legal help after a dog attack

If you or a loved one have been injured by a dog bite, it’s critical that you seek medical attention immediately. It’s also important to talk to an experienced Houston attorney who can help you understand your legal rights and options. The owner of the dog could be liable for your injury, and you may be eligible for financial compensation to help pay for your medical bills and suffering.

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