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Using The Law To Secure Maximum Dog Bite Recovery

We take dog bite attacks seriously. We are dedicated to helping you recover financially, while you recover physically and emotionally from your injuries.

Personal Attention, Individualized Solutions

Because every dog bite attack is different, every victim will have a different road to recovery. At Willumsen & McRoberts Law Firm, we develop individual recovery plans for each victim.

Victims may also be able to recover monetary damages if they missed time from work, are unable to perform their job in the same manner as before, or in some severe cases, need plastic surgery or counseling to heal. If you have been bitten by a dog, contact Willumsen & McRoberts Law Firm, to determine what you are entitled to recover for your injuries.

Our lawyers are dedicated to maximizing your recovery following a dog bite by using various legal theories depending upon your specific situation. Typically, victims of dog bite attacks will seek recovery under one of three theories:

Strict Liability

  • Under the strict liability theory, a victim must show that the animal had abnormally dangerous propensities, and the owner knew or had reason to know of the dangerous propensities.

Negligent Handling

  • The owner of a nonvicious dog can be held liable for injuries from an attack, even if the dog has never bitten anyone before. Call us to find out how!
  • To prove the dog owner negligently handled the dog prior to the attack, the victim must show, among other things, that:
    • The defendant was the owner or possessor of an animal.
    • The defendant owed a duty to exercise reasonable care to prevent the animal from injuring others.
    • The defendant breached that duty.
    • The defendant’s breach proximately caused the injuries.

Negligence Per Se

  • Generally, a plaintiff can prove an action for negligence per se when:
    • The defendant violated a statute or ordinance
    • The violation was not excused
  • An example of negligence per se is when a dog owner allows the dog to roam at large, meaning the dog is not restrained by an enclosure or on a leash.
  • Unfortunately, proving negligence per se is not as simple as it seems because not all Texas counties have the same regulations. Call the Willumsen & McRoberts Law Firm, today to find out the regulations in the county where you were attacked.

What may you be entitled to recover for following a dog bite attack in Texas?

  • Physical pain
  • Mental anguish
  • Disfigurement
  • Physical impairment
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of earning capacity/lost wages
  • Loss of consortium

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