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Why do dogs bite people?

| Jul 3, 2021 | Dog Bites/Attacks |

Many people just assume that a dog that bites a person is being an aggressive canine. While it’s true that aggression is the driving factor in some dog bites, it isn’t the only factor that can lead to a dog biting someone.

Understanding some of the other driving factors may help you to remain safe. You should always be vigilant around dogs since there are so many things that could cause even a beloved pet to bite.

Bites don’t always happen because of aggression

Recently, Miss Kay Robertson, star of Duck Dynasty, was bitten by a family dog. She reached over to kiss the dog, and it bit her on her mouth. The elderly dog was asleep when she kissed it, so the bite was the result of the dog being startled.

Bites like this are fairly common if a dog is startled awake and is a bit disoriented. Older dogs often have vision, hearing and cognitive issues that can increase the likelihood of a bite. Everyone should be very careful when they approach an elderly dog just because of the heightened risk of the dog biting.

Dogs may also bite if:

  • They are in pain.
  • They are playing and get carried away.
  • They are guarding food or objects.

Dog bites can lead to very serious injuries. In some cases, individuals will face being hospitalized and a lengthy recovery. When the bite was a result of a dog owner’s negligence, the victim might opt to seek compensation for the damages. This can include the cost of medical care, but it may also involve missed wages and other expenses.