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What Is Considered A ‘Dangerous Dog’ In Texas?

Are you the victim of a dangerous dog attack in Texas? Under state law, a “dangerous dog” is defined as a dog that:

  1. Makes an unprovoked attack outside the dog’s enclosure that causes bodily injury such as a bite wound that would cause a reasonable person to seek medical attention
  2. Commits unprovoked acts outside the dog’s enclosure that causes a reasonable person to believe the dog will attack and cause bodily injury

Where were you when you were attacked by a dangerous dog? Contact Willumsen & McRoberts Law Firm, today to find out how to have the dog responsible for your injuries determined dangerous by a Texas Court.

You Do Not Have To Suffer In Silence

Here at Willumsen & McRoberts Law Firm, our mission is to help you recover, while you recover. Part of your recovery is the closure you feel knowing the dog that attacked you will not be allowed to attack another person, especially not a child. Following a dog bite attack, it is critical that the victim pursues a “dangerous dog” designation to ensure the dog responsible for the attack is held responsible. Do not suffer in silence – contact Willumsen & McRoberts Law Firm, today!

Are you the owner of a dangerous dog? Texas law requires you to follow very specific and detailed requirements if you own a dangerous dog. If you own a dangerous dog but fail to follow certain requirements, you could be held criminally liable for the actions of your dog.

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