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Steps To Take After A Dog Bite

At Willumsen & McRoberts Law Firm, in Houston, we understand how serious a dog bite can be. We frequently talk with people who have been bitten or have a child who has suffered a dog bite. In most cases, it is their first experience handling the legal issues involved in seeking compensation for a dog bite.

What To Do After Suffering A Dog Bite

  • Seek immediate medical treatment: Don’t assume that any type of dog bite or scratch is minor. All animals carry bacteria that can cause a dangerous infection and other illnesses if it enters the human bloodstream. You do not need to call the police prior to seeking medical attention; however, you should take photographs of the bite injury and the dog, if possible. Always take photographs of your wounds and injuries.
  • Call the police or Animal Control to report the incident: You should always report the dog bite.
  • If the dog owner is present: Identify and record the name and contact information of the dog owner. Do NOT engage in any discussions regarding the incident or a possible settlement. Also, record the names and contact information of any witnesses who may be present.
  • If the dog is running wild: Call the police to report an animal control incident. If your injuries allow, remain in the area to give your contact information to the police, in the event a rabies test will be required.
  • If your child was bitten: Make complete documentation of the incident and medical treatment required. Take photographs and report the incident to the local police.
  • If you know the owner: Notify the owner of the dog and inform the owner that you will be seeking medical attention and filing an official report. Do NOT engage in any discussions regarding the incident or a possible settlement.
  • Talk with an attorney right away: You can be assured that the dog owner will immediately call an attorney or his/her insurance company to protect himself or herself from liability. You are entitled to aggressive representation to protect your rights. Do NOT give any recorded statements unless your lawyer is present.

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