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Children’s eyes are vulnerable during a dog bite attack

| Oct 22, 2020 | Dog Bites/Attacks |

One of the reasons that dog bite attacks against children are so frightening is that children often aren’t strong enough to defend themselves against even small breeds, let alone larger dogs. Additionally, the smaller stature of children makes it easy for dog bites to affect parts of their bodies where the injuries can have permanent consequences – like eye injuries.

Younger children have greater risks than older people for eye injuries

An analysis of reported eye injuries among children attacked by dogs shows that the average age of the victim is usually around three years old. Dogs of varying backgrounds and breeds can commit these attacks, although researchers point out that unaltered males are more likely to bite than many other dogs.

Eye injuries don’t just impact a child’s vision

Obviously, an injury to the eye or around the eye could cause damage to a child’s vision and even result in partial blindness. However, a child’s ability to see isn’t the only thing at risk when a dog bite attack affects the area around the eye.

It is common for an attack to tear or even remove eyelids or to damage the delicate tissue that helps moisturize the eyes. Even seemingly cosmetic damage around the eye may require surgery to repair damage underneath the skin.

The end result of a dog bite attack that results in an eye injury could be hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of medical costs and lasting trauma for your child, which may necessitate seeking compensation from the dog’s owner. An experienced attorney can help you.